The Center for Advanced Vehicle Technologies (CAVT) is a University of Alabama Research Center dedicated to the advancement of vehicle technology.

Based on unique, interdisciplinary research and education programs, it strives to provide the automotive industry with novel ideas, scientific consultation, as well as new generations of engineers and scientists formed in the latest technologies in this field. Located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on the campus of The University of Alabama, it is at the heart of the automotive industry emergence in the Southeast region of the United States.


The vision of the Center is to assist in the development of efficient, safe, secure, economical, durable, comfortable and user- and environmentally-friendly vehicles for meeting the transportation needs of America through discovery, research and education.


The Center provides, through government grants and industry contracts, state-of-the-art scientific and engineering programs staffed by The University of Alabama engineering and scientific faculty. Its primary focus is on four technical areas:

The Center provides depth of academic know-how and the breadth of expertise needed to address the vehicular industry’s modern challenges. For students and prospective employers, the University provides with this Center opportunities for an inter-disciplinary education as well as research projects to prepare the next generation of vehicular engineers.