The University of Alabama provides a car-enthusiast friendly experience for students in engineering, science, business or any other discipline. With much faculty research oriented towards the transportation sector, it is easy for young individuals looking for a career in this field to find the curriculum that meets their aspiration. The engineering college in particular has one of the premier programs in engine, electrical drive, fuel cells and hybrids, and automotive materials and manufacturing, in the South. This not only includes undergraduate studies, but also opportunities for research in one of these or related fields at the graduate level. Graduates from the University are finding employment with local automotive companies (Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai) and nationally as well. Further, some co-op opportunities exist with the local auto industry, see for instance MBUSI’s Graduate Program Fellowship.

As a complement to these rigorous programs, the University students and faculty also organize each year car building and racing teams, in particular Mini-Baja and Formula Hybrid. The CAVT is a proud sponsor of these activities. Check the University’s FSAE website for more details and current information.